Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Healing Box Project - Great Music & an Even Greater Program for Veterans

We are happy to announce that The Healing Box Project is coming back to our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant this season to both entertain and enlighten us. You can catch some great music and have a chance to be a part of a wonderful program for veterans twice this June at Shorty Pants Lounge & Marina

What is The Healing Box Project?
Rather than the name of a band, The Healing Box Project is the name of an amazing organization that raises money to purchase guitars and supplies for soldiers. When you see their name on our calendar of scheduled events, you are not only in for an incredible evening of live music but you'll also have the chance to be a part of something very important. This entire project began thanks to two very special people, Dave Dunklee and his wife, CJ.

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Dave and CJ were watching Toby Keith on TV back in 2012 and he was asking for donations for the Wounded Warrior Project. They wanted to help out but after a little research found that some of the donations collected went to pay for administrative costs. The couple knew they could do better than that and set out to begin their own completely non-profit volunteer program where everything collected went directly to the veterans. 

They chose to help by using their love of music. Dave was a musician for over 50 years, teaching music in public schools for 20 of those years and performing professionally with various bands throughout his life. He now uses that experience and skill to teach guitar to disabled veterans, putting a smile where, often, there hasn't been one for a very long time. Recently Dave has even shared some guitar tutorials on the group's Facebook page; Veteran Program - The Healing Box Project

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Dave and CJ decided the name "Healing Box Project" fit nicely coming from a relationship with relic guitars made from box crates or pieces of wooden boxes modified with a pole neck to which strings were attached. For the veterans, the healing begins with their first strum of a guitar.

This program raises money to purchase guitars and supplies for soldiers to use. While monetary donations are helpful, donations of guitars that people may have lying around the house unused are much appreciated as well.

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Learning guitar helps the disabled veterans with their neurology, improves brain skills, and it takes away some of the stress related to coping with a life-changing injury. It's a therapeutic program that helps our heroes deal with social anxiety. It also lets them feel like a part of something. Groups soon become friends and those friends quickly begin feeling like family. 

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Join Us This June

You can catch The Healing Box Project performing at various bars and restaurants around the lake area. Donations are always accepted and appreciated and in return, you get a night of great music to enjoy. 

Coming up this month, you can join in all the fun on 2 different dates at Shorty Pants Lounge & Marina. These are Friday, June 15, and Friday, June 12, 2020. Don't worry if you have to miss those performances, because we'll be featuring this incredible organization on our outdoor stage many times throughout the season. 

To learn more about The Healing Box Project and to find out when and where Dave will be performing, visit Of course, you'll learn a lot more about them, get your questions answered, and have a chance to contribute to this amazing cause if you make plans to join us at Shorty Pants Lounge & Marina for some of the best live music at the Lake of the Ozarks! We hope to see you here on those dates. 

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