Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Celebrate National Seafood Month With a Bit of Cajun Flavor

We are known far and wide for having the best Cajun food at the Lake of the Ozarks, and many of those Cajun dishes feature some type of seafood. Since October just happens to be National Seafood Month, we figured it was an excellent time to highlight a few of the mouthwatering seafood dishes you will find at Shorty Pants Lounge

Seafood is Good For You
Seafood is not only good to eat, but it's good for you. Did you know that there are many health benefits to eating seafood? It is recommended by the American Heart Association that a person should eat fish twice a week to improve heart health. This is mainly due to the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood.

It's also a great source of protein and many other vitamins and minerals. Other benefits for your body of eating seafood are: good skin, a boost in brain power and healthy eyesight, it is good for joint stiffness, and can even decrease depression. In addition to all of that, they way we cook it up, it tastes pretty amazing too!

Shorty Pants Seafood

Big Easy Shrimp
Large gulf shrimp sauteed in Budweiser, rosemary, butter, and a zesty lemon sauce.

Sweet Coconut Shrimp
A mix of sweet coconut combined with crunchy frosted flakes send these huge gulf shrimp over the top! They are served with a sweet raspberry sauce for dipping.

Crab Artichoke Spinach Dip
A mouth watering mixture of spinach, artichoke, and blended cheese, with our own tasty addition of crab. It's served with warm tortilla chips. 

Crab Cake Pasta
2 handmade shrimp and lump blue crab meat cakes rolled in seasoned bread crumbs and topped with more shrimp, served in our seafood cream sauce, all atop a bed of fresh fettuccine. 

Seared Ahi Tuna
6-oz. of sesame encrusted Sashimi style Ahi tuna, served with sesame ginger dressing and a wasabi cream sauce. You will find this on our starters menu, and also as a sandwich and on top of its own specialty salad.

Asian Shrimp Salad
Fresh greens and crispy cabbage with blackened shrimp, served with a medley of tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, baby corn, slivered almonds, Craisins, and rice noodles, tossed with a toasted sesame ginger dressing. You can also try it with blackened Ahi tuna on top. 

Cajun Fried Oysters
Lively, seasoned, hand-breaded, southern fried oysters, served with our house Bloody Mary cocktail sauce.

Crawfish-N-Shrimp Etouffee
Crawfish & shrimp are smothered in a rich, creamy etouffee sauce with creole vegetables and served with rice. If you're in the mood for even more seafood, try the Smothered Catfish, which has this dish poured over the top of a delicious catfish filet. 

Catfish BLT
Now you're in the South! A hand-breaded catfish filet served with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and our Cajun mayo on a toasted French roll. Available fried or blackened. 

Catfish, Oyster, or Shrimp Po Boy
Choose either southern fried catfish, big deep-fried gulf oysters, or hand breaded shrimp for this sandwich with Cajun mayo, lettuce, and tomato. 

It's National Dessert Month, Too!
October likes to pack a lot into its 31 days! Top of your Seafood Month celebration at Shorty Pants Lounge with one of our savory desserts.

Bananas Foster
Fresh bananas, thickly sliced and sauteed in our Cruzan Black Strap Rum sauce and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. 

Chocolate Bayou Cobbler
A decadent Hershey's chocolate experience topped with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped topping. A must try!

Try this French Quarter favorite, Louisiana's doughnut. Perfectly deep-fried pastry tossed in powdered sugar and served with our house-made sweet raspberry sauce. 

We've still got a few great weeks of fall weather ahead of us, so you'll have plenty of chances to visit your favorite waterfront restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks before our season is over. Don't wait, though, because we want to see you in here as many times as possible before winter's chill sets in. We open for lunch at 11 am, and our Sunday Happy Hour features drink specials on our famous Cajun Bloody Mary's, Screwdrivers, Mimosas, and Margaritas. See you soon!

Shorty Pants Lounge, the Lake's #1 Creole Cuisine Restaurant where you can expect a luxury, laid back experience at Lake of the Ozarks!!

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