Wednesday, October 28, 2015

7 Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people love dressing up and look forward to planning next year's Halloween costume November 1.  Many, instead, wait until October 30 and drastically scramble for something quick and easy to throw on so they can attend all of the Halloween parties around town with their friends.  Well, Shorty Pants Lounge is here to help out those procrastinators!  The following costume ideas can be pulled together in a hurry with one or two small items.  You may even luck out and find them around your house already. 

Devil, Witch, Animal, etc..

Thrown on a witch's hat or a headband with horns or ears, and boom, you're dressed!  The addition of a cape steps up your costume game another notch.  These are also easy, small items that you can throw in a drawer and have ready and waiting for you every time you need to dress up.  


Once again, add a mask and a cape to whatever you are already wearing and you are dressed!  The most fun part about this costume is coming up with your powerfully cool superhero name and alter-ego.  


A roll or two of gauze from the drug store and you are all set.  Simply start wrapping yourself until you are thoroughly covered.  There is one very important tip to remember though.  You will need to go to the restroom at some point during the evening, so make sure you can unwrap without completely undressing.  


One black t-shirt, one white t-shirt, and some scissors and you are in business.  If you are feeling creative, the facial makeup makes this costume even better.  

Luau Party People

We love this costume because it brings back all of our awesome memories from the Summer season.  Sunglasses and a lei are all that is needed, but the addition of a tropical drink in your hand all evening is a tasty bonus.  


This is another costume that makes us think of the Lake.  (Don't get worried, we only have the fun, friendly pirates on the Lake of the Ozarks.  Captain Morgan is one of our favorites!)  As long as you have a pirate hat, you're good.  An eye patch makes it even better.  

Pumpkin Head

A jack-o-lantern is probably something that you can grab off of your front porch on the way to your party, quick and easy.  It's most definitely a costume that will get lots of attention, and probably some high-fives. That being said, we have no clue how to make this happen without a disgusting mess of pumpkin pulp all around your head.  If you figure it out, please, send us some photos!  If you are up for a challenge and love having all eyes on you, then this might be a great idea.  Good luck!

There you go.  Seven simple costume ideas for the person that doesn't worry about Halloween until the last minute.  There's nothing wrong with that.  As you can see, you can still look awesome at the last minute.  Party hard, stay safe, and don't get too scared out there.  Shorty Pants Lounge wants to wish everyone an incredible holiday weekend.  Make sure you stop by the best waterfront restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks to show off your costumes and have a few Cajun treats at some point during Halloween.    

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